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The Shirley T. Ramos Memorial Fund

About the Fund

In 2015, Shirley Ramos collaborated with Barbara Jackson to create a unique, immersive boot camp experience for women in the construction industry and created the Women in Construction Leadership Boot Camps. These 3 ½ day leadership boot camps continue today, but unfortunately, without the vibrant presence of Shirley. On November 20, 2018 Shirley succumbed to cancer after a 3-year battle.

When Barbara and Shirley met in 2014, there was an immediate bond that was hard to explain. It turns out that they grew up just a few miles from one another in rural upstate New York, and experienced many of the same challenges as they both climbed the ladder toward success in the construction industry. They had engaged in many of the same professional development programs over the years, and both demonstrated the same grit that comes from growing up in farmland USA. Together they developed a remarkable leadership program for women in construction.  

Women Supporting Women

One of Shirley’s favorite responses when asked how she was doing was, “I’m living the dream.” In Shirley’s honor we want to help other women “live their dreams” by providing financial support by way of scholarships and stipends.
This fund is a true example of Women Supporting Women in the construction industry. If you are a partner you are already contributing to this fund, and thank you. A portion of all net revenues from Women Building Change funnels into this account. If you aren’t a partner, please consider becoming one. Or if you prefer, please consider making a direct donation to the scholarship fund.

Advancing Women in the Industry

At Women Building Change, our No. 1 goal is to help women advance in the industry.  Career advancement and promotion often requires specialized training, certifications, licenses, or education.  These professional development opportunities are not always provided or funded by the companies women work for, or are only partially funded, or restricted to more senior personnel or by position or rank.  However, we believe that women at every level of the organization should have access to professional development opportunities and be supported in their pursuit of advancement.

Our scholarship funds are specifically targeted toward professional development activities.  They may be used for conference attendance, a continuing education course, license or certification application fees, testing fees, etc.  They may also be used to off-set registration cost for the WBC Leadership Boot Camps. 

Scholarships & Stipends

We offer scholarships to deserving women for professional development activities.

Scholarship awards range from $500 – $1000 maximum.  They may be used for:

  • Conference registration fees
  • Special educational offerings such as workshops, boot camps, or training sessions
  • Prep course fees for licensing or certification
  • Continuing education courses at community colleges or universities
  • WBC Leadership Boot Camp registration (if not supported by company)
  • Other professional development activities

Stipends are awarded for ancillary expenses that support professional development activities.         
Stipend awards range from $100 – $500 maximum.  They may be used for:

  • Books, tools, or equipment
  • Application or membership fees
  • License or certification fees
  • Travel expenses
  • Child care expenses
  • Other ancillary expenses

Eligibility:  You must be a Women Building Change partner to apply for a scholarship or stipend, and you must be employed in the construction industry.

How to Apply:

Scholarship applications are reviewed once per quarter, and are due by the 15th of the first month of each quarter as follows. 

  • For activities occurring the first quarter of the year, apply by no later than January 15th.
  • For activities occurring the second quarter of the year, apply by no later than April 15th.
  • For activities occurring the third quarter of the year, apply by no later than July 15th.
  • For activities occurring the fourth quarter of the year, apply by no later than October 15th.

Awards are made by the end of the first month of each quarter.  The number of scholarships and stipends awarded depends upon the amount of funds available in the Shirley T. Ramos Fund each quarter.

Completed applications should be emailed to Andrea Parisi at


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