What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring?

According to iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) which is the standard WBC follows and the training that each of our coaches has followed:

  • Mentoring can be likened to serving as a wise role model. While mentoring may include
    advising, counseling, and coaching, it’s usually about helping the mentee to emulate the
    mentor’s own success. A mentor is often chosen because they have traveled the road
    the mentee wishes to follow.
  • A coach on the other hand empowers clients to find their own path. A coach can
    certainly have valuable experience and insight in the client’s field. However, a coach’s
    value lies not in their technical expertise but in the ability to help a client draw from
    their own experience and wisdom as they move ahead.

A mentor says, “Follow me.”

A coach reveals where the client stands on the map and asks,

“Where shall we go next?”


The Women Building Change Network of Coaches includes independent coaches who have partnered with Women Building Change as affiliated professional partners because they believe in and support the mission of Women Building Change.  As affiliated professional partners, each coach has designed a unique coaching package exclusive to fellow Women Building Change partners.  If you are curious to explore how developing a coaching relationship can benefit you, follow a link below to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session.  

Nicole B-Z

Area of Focus | Success Strategies

Nicole B-Z brings business expertise to creatives, and creative expertise to business. With a silly number of degrees, including an MBA, 20 years experience leading in the creative industries, and a COO title under her belt, business coaching was a natural evolution. In these roles, BZ spent every minute of her working life understanding the needs of the creative, monetizing the creative process, and specializing in success strategies. Since 2003, she founded, invested in, or directed over 35 businesses, currently owns 3 active enterprises, and continues to “nerd-out” on books, meditation, movement, and the mountains (she also loves alliteration).


Andrea Parisi

Area of Focus | Transition & Growth

In addition to serving as President of Women Building Change, Andrea Parisi is an iPEC trained Transition & Life-Leadership Coach focused on helping women navigate opportunities, challenges and transitions in their work and/or personal lives.  
Personal growth is all about transition, but transition can often feel quite uncomfortable and unsettling.  It can also feel exhilarating and freeing.  It’s during this time, that uncovering and exploring the eye-opening world of ‘CHOICE’ becomes both a life-line and a plan for success. That’s where coaching can help. It’s why even the most successful, savvy executives hire coaches—to help them transition from where they are, to where they’re headed next. Sometimes that means full-steam ahead on the path your on and other times that means taking a step back, refocusing and leaning into a new direction.  No matter what stage of your life or career you are in, coaching will meet you where you are to start uncovering and building the vision and path to where you want to go.  


Jennifer Porter

Area of Focus | Leadership & Authenticity

As a Leadership Coach, I invite you to step into your power, to lead with authenticity and strength.  I  challenge you to press into your goals and past your fears. I partner with you to set clear outcomes, capitalize on your strengths, stay laser-focused and achieve the results you really desire in your career, relationships and life.


“Great success and living a life you love doesn’t happen by accident.
You have to be intentional about it. A coach can help you build a vision for the future you intend to have, and support you in creating the plans to get there.”

Having access to affordable, professional coaching is one way that Women Building Change can help women advance in the industry. Our coaches’ goal is to guide women to a place of true authenticity and help them stand tall and confident in who they already are, and help propel them toward the goals they want to achieve. Coaching will help each individual woman understand how she thrives best and to leverage that understanding to her advantage to create true fulfillment and success for herself.  


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