Although many construction companies have created, or attempted to create, mentorship programs within their firms, they aren’t always successful. This can be especially true for women in the construction industry who find few female peers, managers, or executives who they can seek guidance and support from, simply because there are so few of them. And often times, women don’t find that they can be completely open and candid about their challenges, issues, or even opportunities with co-workers or company mentors, whether male or female. We have partnered with MentorCity, an online mentoring matching program, to help connect women from across the country who seek advice, guidance, and support as they build their careers in construction and construction related fields. This on-demand Mentorship Platform is free and open to all Women Building Change partners.

"The Women Building Change mentoring network is a win-win for all who participate. As a mentee you get one-on-one time with experienced construction women who have been there and done that. As a mentor, you get the opportunity to give back and help other women find success and develop as leaders in an industry that truly needs them. The WBC mentoring network makes it easy to support one another."

– Katy Corrigan – Board Member, Women Building Change Inc.

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Personal Mentor Network 

Our mentoring platform provides 3 distinct avenues of support

Flash Mentoring

This is for the individual who seeks to connect one-on-one with another person in the industry who might have more experience dealing with a particular challenge, issue, or opportunity. Individuals may choose from several mentors matched to the area(s) of expertise you are interested in. A mentee can connect with more than one mentor for advise.

Group Mentoring

Group mentoring sessions are mentor-to-mentee engagements led by 1 or more mentors and are designed to address specific challenges or topics that appear to be common themes, such as dealing with a difficult co-worker or how to approach pursuing a promotion. These groups are established by the Women Building Change administration from suggestions or requests made by WBC partners. Group themes are posted and individuals may request to join the group.


Open Discussion Groups

Discussion groups are designed to support peer-to-peer engagements around either Industry Sector themes such as Commercial or Residential Construction, or Functional themes such as Project Management, Field Engineering, Marketing, or Human Resources.


Each registration cycle is 3-months long. Partners may continue to re-register for additional 3-month engagement cycles as long as they are active partners.

First, decide if you would like to be a mentor, mentee or both.

Next, register to become a mentor or a mentee by proving some basic information about your areas of interest and/or expertise, as well as your desired connection format (email, text, phone call, face-to-face meeting, etc.) and your availability.

Once you make a request for mentoring, our system will identify the best mentor matches for your inquiry. You can then select 1 mentor (or more) to connect with to discuss your challenge, issue, or opportunity. You will request and schedule a meeting with the mentor of your choosing, by whichever connection format you arrange that matches your time and interest.

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